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Partnership with Concardis enables further expansion in the payment sector

Wien, 25.03.2021

Partnership with Concardis enables further expansion in the payment sector. 
Salamantex, a fintech from Tullnerfeld in Lower Austria, has reached another landmark: As announced in a joint press release earlier today, the specialist for cryptocurrency payment applications is enabling the acceptance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or Dash as means of payment nationwide throughout Austria, made possible in partnership with Concardis, who as part of the Nets Group is one of the leading payment service providers in Europe.

The expansion to other European countries such as Germany is already in the works. To this end, both are exploring the legal circumstances in relation to the respective national regulations.

“Together with Concardis, we have reached another milestone in our market strategy”, René Pomassl, CEO of Salamantex, is pleased to say. “We aspire to meet the regulatory requirements in each country and to incorporate advancements in this area into our services at an early stage. This is how to make headway with our partners. Their merchant networks on the other hand enable us to grow quickly and scale internationally. That’s the reason why we will continue to rely on this growth model in the future.”

In addition to software development, Pomassl continues, Salamantex early on focused its efforts on establishing its own legal department to adhere to regulatory procedures with cryptocurrencies. Successfully so: Salamantex was listed with the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) in January 2020 and thus complies with all legal requirements.

Bitcoin boom fuels demand for digital payment solutions
„Due to the growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we are seeing a strong increase in payments with digital currencies among merchants of our existing Salamantex network,” confirms Pomassl. After all, anyone who owns coins is keen on spending them at some point.

On the merchant side, demand for payment options for digital currencies has also been increasing, even if the enthusiasm for experimentation among brick-and-mortar retailers is still subdued given the many weeks of Corona lockdown. “We nevertheless expect increasing sign-ups with merchants through Concardis. At the latest, when people once again have more options for consumption and sales do pick up, the interest among retailers to invest in future technologies will be apparent as well.”

Salamantex Payment Software prepared for E-Euro and more

Pomassl is convinced paying with digital assets directly at the POS — stretching from retail, to service companies and restaurants — is a future that will become reality. „Our software enables us to integrate any kind of digital asset into the payment networks of acquirers. Today these may be cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash, or Ether. However, tomorrow these may be digital bonus points, or even digital currencies like E-Euro, E-Franks, or E-Krona. Our System is flexible and not a one-trick pony. It is open to any kind of integration into payment processing payment providers are using.“

Currently, Salamantex is making strides with their e-commerce solutions, which offers merchants the possibility to accept cryptocurrencies also online, which during the lockdown is seeing increasing turnover. Shopware and WooCommerce plug-ins are readily available, and via API crypto payments can be integrated into other payment gateways, online shops, or online checkout just as easy.



About Salamantex
Salamantex is an Austrian fintech company specialising in intelligent, trustworthy and secure software solutions for payments with digital assets since 2017. We develop platform-based applications — for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, through to digital bonus points — and integrate them seamlessly into existing payment systems in retail, at a fraction of the effort of conventional programmes. Their intuitive solutions can be used without any prior knowledge and can be integrated into existing POS systems, whether online in the web shop or at the point of sale, on a POS terminal, smartphone or computer.

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