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Accepting cryptocurrencies easily, securely and fast - we're making it possible.

We at Salamantex focus on simplicity, security and fairness.

Our Service offers a real-time conversion into the currency of your choice, making sure your money arrives fast and securely, while your customers have a worry-free and seamless experience paying digital – without any hidden fees.

Numerous businesses are already using the Salamantex Digital Payment Service via

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Smartphone or Tablet

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POS Terminal

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Laptop or PC

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Webshop Integration

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Bitcoin payment at outside tables of restaurant, smiling cashier handing receipt over to happy customer
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Real-time conversion

Our real-time conversion feature allows you to accept any form of digital currency with an instant exchange into your preferred currencies, eliminating all risk attached to price volatility.

Should you wish to keep the received digital currencies, our embedded wallets allow for intuitive and risk-free management of those digital assets, while you maintain sovereignty over your funds.

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All-Round Service

Our carefree all-round service is our strong suit.

From having a personal contact for questions or immediate help to several professional in-house support teams available by phone and mail to various self-help solutions, as our customer you’re always taken care of.

We further support our clients for pioneering the digital economy by promoting them online, on social media and among our partnering digital communities.

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Seamless Accounting

Making sure accounting is no hassle, our system provides detailed and customizable records of all accounting-related activities, enabling a
smooth integration into any accounting practice.

Additionally we have partnered up with Austrian Startup Fiskaly who customized their Cash Register Solution Obono to support compliant bookkeeping for cryptocurrency payments. Learn more about their solution here.

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We make sure our services are compliant with existing and upcoming regulations to be able to always guarantee their continuous availability
and functionality.

Smiling cashier handing receipt over to happy customer in bar after crypto payment via Salamantex terminal


Our service is designed to provide a seamless user experience, making the implementation of a new payment system nearly unnoticeable. The straightforward payment process is intuitively understood and easily incorporated into existing checkout procedures.

Be among the pioneers of the emerging digital economy!

How does the payment process with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin look like?

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