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Accept AliPay and WeChat Pay

Offer a seamless payment experience to Chinese customers

Grow your business and accept the most popular Chinese payment methods AliPay and WeChat PayThe AliPay and WeChat Pay payment solutions are only available for use with our terminal SX1801 or our web application.
* AliPay and WeChat Pay are offers of Wirecard AG

Benefit from the Chinese tourism boom with AliPay and WeChat Pay

Mobile payments are a must to attract Chinese customers

Chinese tourism in Europe is booming. Europe trips are expected to reach 20,8 million by 2022.
More than 1 billion Chinese consumers are using AliPay and WeChat Pay.
91% of Chinese tourists would show greater willingness to spend and shop if merchants accept Chinese mobile payments overseas.

Benefit from the rapidly growing Chinese market by integrating AliPay and WeChat Pay:

277 billions

global travel expenditures 2018

Over 1 billion

Chinese use AliPay and WeChat Pay

Over 91%

prefer mobile payments when travelling overseas

Ø 3020 €

travel expenses per Europe trip (flight excluded)

We make the integration of AliPay and WeChat Pay for European merchants easy – your benefits at a glance:

Salamantex enables you to accept both popular Chinese mobile payment methods easily and securely via our POS Terminal or your existing POS solution on all devices.

Risk-free and easy integration

Easy POS integration. You do not need to open an account in China.

Attract Chinese customers

Benefit from 1 billion users – offer your Chinese clients a seamless payment experience.

Growing business

Expand your reach and win more Chinese customers with AliPay and WeChat Pay’s social and marketing platforms

POS Integration

Salamantex enables Chinese customers to pay with AliPay und WeChat Pay in 4 easy and fast steps:

We offer further payment options

Next to the integration of AliPay und WeChat Pay our Salamantex payment service offers several other payment options:

Frequently asked questions

What are AliPay and WeChat Pay?

AliPay is Alibaba's online payment service and with one billion users, the world’s largest platform in the payment and lifestyle sector.

WeChat Pay is one of the leading payment solutions in China and is used by around 900 million users every month, and the number is rising.

Together, WeChat Pay and AliPay are the most popular and widely used payment methods in China.

How does the payment process with Alipay and WeChat Pay work?
  1. Enter the amount in Euro + an optional tip value and press "Confirm".
  2. Select the payment option desired by the customer as used to. In this case, choose Ali- or WeChat Pay.
  3. The total amount is now displayed to the customer in Chinese yuan. When confirmed again, the camera then activates and the customer is prompted to scan a QR code on his mobile phone linked to his Chinese bank account, by holding it in front of the terminal’s camera. Please note that when using our system in the web browser (without terminal), a request to approve the camera access will appear. It must be accepted, as a camera is required for the payment process.
  4. If the QR code is not valid, the text box will turn red and a valid QR code must be scanned once again. If the QR code is successfully scanned, the payment is processed, and the purchase is complete. Optionally an invoice can be printed.
Do I or my employees need prior knowledge of AliPay or WeChat Pay in order to accept their payments?

No! The payment with AliPay and WeChat Pay has been adjusted to the existing payment process and requires no further knowledge.

You can find the exact payment procedure above.

How can integrate AliPay or WeChat Pay into my business?

We offer three approaches to integrate AliPay and WeChat Pay into your business:

  1. via our POS Terminal SX1801, a full package of hard- and software
  2. using our software: web client on any browser-capable device, like smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc

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