Salamantex Crypto Payment Terminal

Salamantex Crypto Payment Terminal

 Salamantex Crypto Payment Terminal SX 1801



The Crypto Payment Terminal offers a complete package of software and hardware. The software is a customized version of the Crypto Payment Service and comes preinstalled on the device.


The Crypto Payment Terminal offers, in addition to the included software features, further hardware features:

  • Merchant and customer display (to display payment details and QR codes)
  • reciept printer (for printing receipts or other confirmations)
  • 2.4 GHz WIFI (for connecting to an existing network)
  • 3G / 4G mobile internet (to connect to the Internet)
  • IC card reader
  • NFC card reader
  • 4000 mAh battery for mobile operation


The hardware can be rented or bought in advance.



The Crypto Payment Terminal requires a working internet connection:

  • via WIFI connection

    The Crypto Payment Terminal can be connected to an existing 2.4GHz WIFI.

  •  via integrated 3G / 4G modem

    If there is no internet connection available at the location or if the device is to be operated as a mobile device, it can be equipped with a SIM card (mobile internet). We deliver a SIM card with our device. 


The Crypto Payment Terminal additionally requires a power connection for the enclosed power supply.


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