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Time for the SALAMANTEX metamorphosis: from start-up to scale-up

On November 6th, SALAMANTEX celebrated its 5th anniversary. The early years were intense work but also felt extremely gratifying as daily there were new learnings and challenges to overcome. Now, after 5 years on this path of learning, it is time to implement those lessons, adapt to recent industry developments and transform our start-up into a well set-up Salamantex 2.0 for the long-run.

Thus, we decided to carry out a full makeover on all levels. Especially ‚Product‘ and ‚Legal & Compliance‘ will be the focus for greater efficiency and client satisfaction. However, this remake is not a standard optimization as we carry out on a regular basis during normal operations. Instead, this is a radical holistic makeover aimed at delivering triple added value for the long-term; benefitting our clients, the crypto community and SALAMANTEX with its partners.

We want to provide the best possible crypto payment experience to our clients and their customers, the crypto community of today and tomorrow.

To allow us to focus 100% on this makeover, we have decided to put our FMA registration on hold. As a result, our services are temporarily reduced: the Euro payout option for our points of acceptance will not be available for a limited period of time. Retailers are still able to accept crypto payments and have the payment amount in crypto delivered into their wallet.

What are the specific consequences? – Starting on November 25th, 2022, the Euro payout option is disabled. All onboarding of new retailers and acceptance outlets are paused until further notice.

This break might be perceived as temporary set-back. However, we are confident that SALAMANTEX 2.0 is the correct path and will act as a catalyst for our company growth in the long-term. The timing is ideal as the world is currently facing a so-called crypto winter, in which the crypto payment activity has lessened. We are determined to re-launch in 2023 with be best product and legal set-up to satisfy all current and future regulatory requirements, especially in the light of the planned EU-wide MiCA regulation. Our partners have expressed their full trust and commitment and will continue to support us in the future.

Hand in Hand with our partners and clients, we will (r)evolutionize the payment of today and tomorrow – thanks for your trust and the strong cooperation.

René Pomassl, SALAMANTEX Founder and CEO

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