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Salamantex Online Summit


The following visual recording by our Strategy & Research Manager Anh Bui summarizes the key aspects discussed during each session of our Salamantex Online Summit.

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As all conferences have been canceled, we decided to organize our own Salamantex Online Summit.

We discussed topics related to digital and crypto payment solutions as well as banking for the future and the opinion of our experts, what they think will be the next massively adopted cryptocurrency of the future.

The event started with an introduction and welcome speech from the host, Sabine Roiss – Head of Events.

Then our Chief Operating Officer Markus Pejacsevich gave a presentation on 'Crypto Payment in our Daily Life' and the role of Salamantex, followed by lots of questions from the audience.

After that, the leadership of the TEN31 Bank contributed a keynote on the 'Future of Banking' and how they are planning to implement blockchain technology into their banking services.

Matthias und Veronika

Following that, a first panel discussion titled 'Crypto Currency War: Private and Government Dominated Crypto Currencies; What will be the next Payment Coin?' which moderated by Marina Petrichenko aka CryptoMarina. She was joined by influencer Robert Schwerter aka CryptoRobbyand Managing Director of Midas Touch Consulting & Cashkurs*Gold Florian Grummes.

Niall Murray our Head of Business Development took over the moderation of the following panel discussion, his fellow panelists included the authors Anita Posch and Steve GoodJochen Ressel COO of Soccercoin, as well as Max Tertinegg, Co-Founder and CEO of Coinfinity. Together they discussed requirements for a global massadoption of cryptocurrencies.

Salamantex Online Summit
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